Caring for Your Sensitive Skin

Caring for Your Sensitive Skin

Approximately 60%-70% of women and 50%-60% of men reported that they had some degree of skin sensitivity according to an article published in the National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information. With that information in mind, it's safe to assume that many people that use our products have some degree of skin sensitivity that they may have experienced in some form at some time in their skincare journey. The greatest thing about our products is that we create every formulation with the confidence that everyone in your household can use them - even the most sensitive skin. Here are some ways you can care for your sensitive skin.

Diet & Hydration

Give your sensitive skin some help with a healthy diet and hydration. Many of the essential vitamins, minerals, fats and oils your skin needs to maintain a healthy glow can be found in the foods you eat. Foods like salmon, walnuts and flaxseed are rich in omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential fatty acids for overall good health and skin. Fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants are also helpful. Of course, always drink your water, but also treat yourself to some green tea. Green tea had anti-inflammatory properties and has also been known to reduce the risk of ultraviolet light (such as the burning rays of the sunlight.)

Don't Overheat

Getting your vitamin D from the sun is essential to mood boosting and your overall healthy, but don't overdo it. The rays from the sun can cause damage, especially to sensitive skin. Put on your sunscreen, even if it's not a hot day. You'll want to give your skin the protection it needs. Make sure you're also keeping cool with a hydrating mist if you're outside. Our Rosewater and Lavender Hydrating Mist provide skin cooling and restore moisture and essential hydration to the skin immediately.

Look for Skin-friendly Ingredients

Less is more when it comes to sensitive skin. You don't want to overwhelm your skin with too many fragrances or ingredients that are known to dry out the skin. Avoid products that contain alcohol. Stick with unscented options if you can. If you do opt to use products that have scent, make sure it's nothing too heavy. We recommend our Turmeric Kombucha, Oatmeal Honey, Lavender, Vanilla Coffee, and Activated Charcoal bars. Try them as a build your own bundle.

Stay Moisturized

Moisture is key element when it comes to skin healthy. Dry skin can cause irritations and we don't want that. One of mine and my kid's favorite thing is soaking with a bath bomb. It releases sunflower oil, which is a wonderful, light oil because it doesn't clog pores, it moisturizes the skin and provides some skin-loving vitamins. If you're on the go, lotion bars are the perfect addition for your bag, as they contain beeswax, which provides a protective barrier over your skin to prevent damage and helps to repair irritated skin. It also has a high melting point, so no mess. It activated ones it makes contact with your skin. During the cooler months, a thicker moisturizer such as our whipped body butter will also keep you moisturized.

Stress Less

Skin irritations are often triggered by stress. Breakouts, psoriasis flare-ups, eczema can all be triggered by the day to day stress we endure in life and for that reason, it is essential to take a moment and destress. Exercise, going for a walk, reading, journaling - even coloring in our Inspiration Self-Care Coloring Book, can bring the stress down and leave your skin vitalized.  

What do you do to care for sensitive skin? Let us know in the comments.


June 15, 2022 — Andrea Davis
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