Our Story

As I walked down the isles of the big box stores, I noticed a trend. Everything that was labeled "organic" or "all natural" was priced significantly higher than their counterparts. As a young wife and mother, sticking to a budget is very important, but it is also equally important to give them access to personal care products that were not harmful and filled with chemicals. After a few years of research and developing products of my own, Motherland Essentials was born. My goal was to initially provide family and friends with these products, but then a question arose. How many other people are denied access to high quality personal care products because of the cost? Everyone deserves to feel the wonders that nature has to offer. Through my business, I aspire to inspire those around me to embrace nature and all of its gift. I believe everyone should have access to natural products and not just have the choice of choosing one chemical filled product over the other because of the cost. It is truly an honor and passion to share my handcrafted products with you. Every item you received is made with great love.

Love & Light

Andrea Davis