The Whipped Hair + Body Butter is one of the best products I've ever used.

Karmen Cook

I absolutely love the products! Beautifully made, smell and feel great on my skin. Thumbs up!

Lisa Smith

I love how clean and refreshed the soap makes my skin feel, especially the activated charcoal bar. My skin is so clear and even because of this bar. Awesome products!

Natalie Prioleau

The quality of these products are amazing! Definitely a customer for life!

Triana Smith

It's hard to fine a good masculine bar, but the Patchouli + Cedar was great.

Joshua Davis

Created by a mother. inspired by the motherland

The best is found in nature

Our brand is about taking the very best in nature and transforming those ingredients into an all natural, luxurious experience for your skin. We take great love and care to create products that are sustainable, ethical, and accessible to all. 

Our brand beliefs


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Self Care

Do you practice self-care? Here are some resources and blog post we've curated to make sure you are not only taking care of your skin, but more importantly taking care of yourself as a whole.

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