Meet Our Founder

Andrea Davis is the founder of Motherland Essentials. With her family alongside of her, she created a brand focused on quality plant based products with your intentional self-care practice in mind.

Our Mission

Our mission at Motherland
Essentials is to always provide plant based, clean products with responsibly
source ingredients. We promise to uphold a high standard and operate with
transparency. Our commitment to the betterment of our community and meeting the
needs of our customers will always be paramount to the success of our

Created for everyone

Our plant based products are formulated to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of plant based bath and body, starting at $10 - $100

Perfect Gift Set

Gifting is simplified with out ready to gift sets - perfect for any occasion.

Add Something New

Our curated collection features products we've sourced from small businesses that we love. You'll love them too. Check it out!

The Power Of Botanicals

Did you know that our Intention Tub Tea can be used multiple ways for your self-care? Add it to your soak, enjoy as a facial steam or enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Revive Soak

Revive Salt Soak isn't just for adding to your tub of hot water. It's thoughtfully packaged in a glass bottle so you can open the bottle and smell on the go. A perfect aroma therapy blend for anxiety.


**New** Our creamy sugar scrubs not only gently remove rough, dead skin, but moisturize and leave behind healthy, glowing skin.

Bath Bomb

Once you drop our bath bomb into your warm bath, you'll immediately experience the sunflower oil moisturizing your skin and release of relaxing aroma.


The perfect compliments to your plant based bath and body products.

Lotion Bar

Solid lotion bar eliminating the mess of traditional lotion and a favorite for those on the go.

Hydrating Mist

Helps to clear the skin of oily secretions and removes makeup traces left behind by makeup removers.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
My family loves this variety pack (5 Bars for $25)! Oatmeal Honey and Kombucha are our favorites. Great scents and leaves skin nourished and soft.
— Catalina U
Customer reviews
I have been struggling with my mental health a lot lately dealing with grief anxiety and depression. This whipped body butter in oatmeal honey never fails to help me relax. I use it every night before bed and it smells so wonderful and feels so soft. It reminds me to stop and take a deep breath.
— Mia M.
Customer reviews
This oil cleared any discoloration and evened my skin tone within a week. Gave me clear and glowing skin that is hydrated and moisturized. This is a product I will use for life!
— Sofia Ambrose G.

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