Before Motherland Essentials was headquartered at a brand new warehouse with employees, it was an idea written down in a Hello Kitty notebook my husband bought for me.


My drawing and my very first logo I didn't fully understand the power of the mind and pen until I started to really look back and reflect on my journey. Writing it down makes it real. You have a tangible thing to look at to remind you of what you want to achieve. What really helped to mentally prepare me each day for the entrepreneurial journey was reciting mantras.

What are mantras?

There really are no generally accepted definitions of what a mantra is. My belief is that a mantra is meant to provide clarity, enlightenment and direction. I would write down my own mantras weekly and recite them to myself every morning. When I felt overwhelmed, unsure, or discouraged, I would recite them. Mantras really helped me to keep my mind focused on what I wanted to achieve or just bring myself some peace when things are in unrest. 

I am ready to receive abundance.

Mantra "I am ready to receive abundance" This is the first mantra I want to share with you. "I am" mantras are representative of the root chakra - seeking to find our foundation and provide security for the emotional and physical state. When I recited this mantra each day, I wasn't just speaking of abundance in a financial sense. My business is rooted in community, so I wanted an abundance of people who shared my same passion for practicing self-care with intention. 

Another thing that can be uncomfortable is getting to the point where your business is successful and you are receiving financial abundance. Don't be ashamed or feel like you don't deserve to be blessed in that way. For a while, I struggled with feeling guilty that my business was actually making some money. Now I'm not ashamed because I know that I worked hard to build what we have. I also know that this money comes from people who genuinely support us. That means the world to me.

If you decide to recite this mantra this week, just know the intention is yours. If you want to receive financial abundance, it's yours. If you want an abundance of peace, you got it. I'm wishing abundance upon you. ♥

April 18, 2021 — Andrea Davis

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