When you talk, we listen. It's one of the key reasons why we've managed to grow the way we have. One of the first products we ever made, besides our soap, was our whipped body butter. It's gone through some changes - from packaging to the recipe itself, but one thing that has remained the same is that it is still one of our most popular products. We're biased in saying and believing our whipped body butter is one of the best you could ever try, but it was important for us to really get some opinions from you, so we asked you what you liked. Here are the top 7 reasons why you love our whipped body butter so much.

1) It locks in moisture.

Many people are used to using traditional lotions, which is what body butter is typically compared to when making the comparison in terms of how moisturizing each can be. While we do have lotion (check out our body cream here), the colder weather calls for body butter to do the job better. 

One reason why it's loved so much is because of its ability to keep your skin nice and moisturized without the greasy feeling. Body butter provides a protective barrier around the skin - keeping all the moisture locked in so fewer applications are needed. You'll also notice that using a little goes a long way. Say bye to ashy, dry skin!

2) Revitalized dry and stressed hair

Whipped body butters isn't just for your skin. Many of you have used it on your hair and love it! If you have kinky, coily hair like owner Andrea, simple protective styles, like a twist our or two-strand twist, are easily achievable with the whipped body butter. Straight, fine textured hair can benefit from adding a little whipped butter to your hair for healthy shine. Cooler weather usually means dryer hair than normal, so add a little butter to those locs.

3) Glass packaging = Less waste

As we mentioned before, our whipped body butter has gone through some changes over the years. One change that we are extra proud of is our move from plastic to glass jars. Many of you love it too. We've seen our glass jars transformed into new homes for succulent plant babies to storage for office pens. Many times they're just returned to us. We love that the most because it saves us money so we can continue passing that savings on to you. Did you know we have a recycling program?

4) Reduces stretch marks and scars

Motherhood, weight-loss, weight gain or whatever - stretch marks happen. Scars can also tend to make their way onto the body. One of the reasons you love our whipped body butter so much is that over time, you start noticing those marks fade away. Using our whipped body helps with increasing skin elasticity - reducing the formation of stretch marks. Scars disappear when those vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids from our ingredients get to work. The only work you have to do it applying a bit to your body.

5) Stress-relieving aromas

Sometimes something as simple as a smell can turn your day around for the better. High anxiety? Massage a little lavender butter onto your skin and smell. Need some energy? Citrus will wake you up. You love our carefully blended aromas and we love them too! 

6) Help soothe sunburn, eczema, rashes, and psoriasis

We're not saying we can cure any of these issues. It's always the best choice to visit your dermatologist for skin issue diagnosing and treatment. However, you've shared with us the wonders that our body butter have done to help soothe some of these skin problems, so we can happily report that. 

7) Made with nothing but butters and oils, period.

No shade to body butter base users, but we don't do that over here. Our whipped body butter is made with only oils and butters, period! We've changed our recipe over the years and now we've got it perfectly. Our body butter is made of:

Castor Oil - antibacterial properties help to fight acne

Coconut Oil - soothes skin irritation

Cocoa Butter - fatty acids help to provide deep moisture

Mango Butter - provides protective layer to lock in moisture for skin

Shea Butter - helps provide skin elasticity to reduce scars and stretch marks

Sunflower Oil - light oil, help in regenerating damaged skin cells and getting rid of the acne causing bacteria

Vitamin E - serves as a moderately effective natural barrier to the sun

Nothing but the absolute best ingredients for you. ♥


Whipped body butter continues to be one of our best selling products, and you've definitely have us many reasons why. Are there are other reasons why you love our butters? Share with us in the comments. If you don't have a reason, perhaps here's one we can give you: grab your own whipped body butter for 15% off today! Click the photo below.

November 05, 2020 — Andrea Davis
Tags: body butter

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