You're in a Zoom meeting when suddenly you notice a naked 4 year old in the background dancing around. Just as you excuse yourself to clothe the wildling, you notice the smell of burnt bacon, followed by the loud shriek of the smoke detector sounding off. It's at that moment that you realize your significant other was trying, unsuccessfully, to make the family breakfast to give you a break for that meeting. Is this just a scene in my house, or can you relate? Being a boss lady can get a little rough, so we have some tips that will help you to take care of the most important person in your life - you!

Take your rest, sis.

Society tends to measure success by how much you're producing. If you're not moving and shaking, your not making (as in making any money.) It's not realistic to constantly be on the move and not give yourself the time you need to recover. Get your rest sis. I'm not just talking in the literal sense of laying down and taking a nap, but please do that as well. Give yourself a mental break from the bombardment of information you process everyday. Whenever you look at a social media post or hurry to answer an email, you're using energy. Take a few days of uninterrupted rest for you. Put those emails on vacation mode every weekend and put that phone out of sight.

Grab a journal.

There is power in the pen. Whether your writing or drawing, you are releasing. Sometimes it may be difficult to articulate what you're feeling to other people. Putting down some random ramblings, drawing a crazy cartoon, or even writing a heartfelt poem may be the release you need.

Give yourself some grace.

This is a particularly stressful period of time since the entire world is dealing with a pandemic. Many boss ladies who are used to working out of their offices are now at home having to integrate two completely separate atmospheres. Give yourself some grace. Accept that your doing your best and understand that others are dealing with this is in their own way as well. The angry emails about delayed orders will happen. Events will be cancelled and schedules will be is disarray. It happens. Be kind to yourself.

Do a little something for you everyday.

Being in charge means putting out fires everywhere. You're constantly solving problems and doing things for customers, employees, your family and all. Isn't it about time you do a little something for you? Each day I make a point to intentionally do something I enjoy. Put on a record and enjoy it for an hour or so. Write yourself little love notes throughout the day. Read a book. Whatever you do, carve out a little time for you.

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May 22, 2020 — Andrea Davis

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