One minute they're small and sweet. The next minute they're smelling sour. Our teens/pre-teens are going through changes that affect their entire bodies, including their skin. It's important to establish good personal hygiene habits early, so we've picked out some products that may help with the transition.

Turmeric Soap Bar

This is probably the bar I suggest the most. Our Turmeric Kombucha bar is unscented, so many people use it for a facial bar, including my 13 year old. Most dermatologists recommend face-washing twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. This bar will help in evening out skin discoloration and gently cleanse your skin of any dirt.

Activated Charcoal Bar

If your teen is already experiencing some skin issues, the activated charcoal bar helps to deep cleanse and remove dirt and other harsh chemicals. Every bar contains activated charcoal and tea tree oil. Both serve as a powerful combination to help combat acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin issues. This is a bar that can be used all over the body, but it makes an excellent facial bar as well.

Citrus Lotion Bar

If you have an active teen, chances are they don't have time to put on lotion, right? Don't let these kids be out here disrespecting the household with ashy ankles. Slip them a lotion bar so they can hydrate their skin on the go and at least hit the super dry spots. Each bar contains a skin-loving blend of shea, mango, jojoba oil, and beeswax. Beeswax has a very high melting point, which is why you won't see this lotion bar making a mess on hot days. Plus, beeswax can form a protective layer over the skin. It's also a humectant, which means that it attracts water. Both of these qualities can help the skin stay hydrated. Beeswax is also a natural exfoliator, ideal for sloughing away dead skin cells.

Teakwood Body Oil

Our earthy, spice noted multi-use oil is a favorite for everyone. What we love most about this oil is how easily it soaks into the skin without the greasy or heavy feeling. It features a blend of jojoba + avocado oil, which are light oils that provide skin hydration and a healthy glow. Did you know you can add a little to your hair and/or scalp? Scalp massages stimulate hair growth and who doesn't want a healthy shine to their hair?

Sisal Washcloth

This isn't your average washcloth. This plant based washcloth provides light exfoliation - scrubbing away the dead skin and dirt to make way for new, healthy skin. 

*Bonus*  Intention Tea

Facial steaming is important for detoxing the skin and opening your pores. We recommend doing it at least once a week. Follow up with a moisturizer and a hydrating mist to keep the moisture locked in.

What did you think about our suggestions? Any questions?

P.S. Drink Your Water!

October 04, 2021 — Andrea Davis

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