Honoring Mom's Memory on Mother's Day

May 01, 2021

Honoring Mom's Memory on Mother's Day

It can be really difficult to celebrate Mother's Day when you've experienced the loss of your mother/mother-figure. Even if you have a family of your own, if can be difficult to fully engage in the celebration when you feel someone important is missing out. No matter how long it's been, spending Mother's Day without your mother can be a hard day to navigate. We hope that these 10 ways to honor your mother's memory on mother's day are helpful to you.

Simply talk to her

Even when our loved ones are gone from the physical world, they are still a part of us. Find a private place and talk to your mother for a moment. It can feel better just by speaking your feelings and thoughts out loud.

Write her a letter or poem

One of the worst aspects of losing a parent comes from the loss of regular communication. If you feel more comfortable writing down your thoughts on paper, grab a pen and start putting down your thoughts. 

Explore her favorite hobbies

Did your mother have a favorite hobby? Was she out in the garden or cooking a  special dish? Mother's Day may be a great day to explore some of the things that gave her joy. You may feel more connected.

Plant a memorial tree or flowers

If your mother loved the outdoors, this may be a great way to spend some time outside a create a space to connect with your mother. Plant a tree if you have access to land. If you're looking for a more portable solution, try planting a succulent in the windowsill or try your hand at potting her favorite flowers if they're in season.

Repurpose her jewelry

Your mother may have had a piece of jewelry that may not entirely be your style. Try refashioning them into something original.

Cook one of her favorite meals

Food can be a powerful trigger for memory. Create one of her favorite dishes or a dish you remember her making for you from your childhood.

Volunteer your time

Donate your time to volunteer opportunities in your area in honor of the memory of your mother

Carry on a tradition

What's your favorite Mother's Day memory as a child? You can recreate those those things for yourself if they were something you enjoyed doing back then.

Say a prayer for your mother

If you are a religious person, Mother's day may be a good day to pray for guidance or share your growth and joy with your mother's spirit.

Share memories of your mother with the ones you love

There are so many little moments we remember about our mothers that we won't forget. Share those family stories with your loved ones.

Do you have any other suggestions? Share in the comments.

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