Bath bombs can be a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about science. Here are a few ways bath bombs can help kids understand science:

  1. Chemical reactions: Bath bombs typically contain a combination of citric acid and baking soda, which when mixed with water, undergo a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide gas, causing the bath bomb to fizz and dissolve. This chemical reaction can help kids understand concepts such as reactants, products, and chemical changes.

  2. pH and acidity: Bath bombs often contain ingredients that are acidic, such as citric acid, which can lower the pH of the water in the bathtub. Kids can learn about acidity and pH by observing how the bath bomb changes the pH of the water and understanding the concept of acidity.

  3. Dissolving and solubility: Bath bombs are designed to dissolve in water, and kids can observe how the bath bomb dissolves and releases color and fragrance into the water. This can help kids understand the concept of solubility and how different substances can dissolve or not dissolve in water.

  4. Colors and pigments: Many bath bombs contain colorful pigments that create vibrant colors when the bath bomb dissolves in water. Kids can learn about pigments, color mixing, and how different substances can produce colors by observing the colors produced by the bath bomb in the water.

  5. Density and buoyancy: Some bath bombs contain ingredients that affect their density, causing them to float or sink in water. Kids can learn about density and buoyancy by observing how the bath bomb behaves in the water and understanding the concept of density and its effects on objects in liquids.

  6. Observation and prediction: Kids can practice observation skills by observing the behavior of bath bombs in water, noting changes such as fizzing, dissolving, color changes, and other reactions. They can also make predictions about what might happen when different bath bombs with different ingredients are used, encouraging critical thinking and scientific inquiry.

Overall, using bath bombs can provide a hands-on and engaging way for kids to explore scientific concepts such as chemical reactions, pH, solubility, density, color, observation, and prediction. It can make science fun and accessible, encouraging kids to develop an early interest and curiosity in science.

We made a fun playlist for our kids bath bomb making class coming up. Maybe your kids would enjoy it to. Check it out!


April 14, 2023 — Andrea Davis
Tags: bath bomb

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