Sensitive Skin Duo

Sensitive Skin Duo

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If you have sensitive skin, this duo will be the perfect thing to help nurse your skin back to health. This bundle features your choice between four soaps - Lavender, Oatmeal Honey, Avocado + Coconut Milk, and Coffee, and your choice of our select butters.

Choose between our soap bars:

  • Oatmeal Honey - features colloidal oats and raw honey for natural skin repair and anti inflammatory.

  • Avocado + Coconut Milk - unscented bar that features a whole pureed avocado and coconut milk for skin hydration and add vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

  • Coffee - unscented bar featuring coffee grounds that promote skin regeneration and help to exfoliate dead skin.

  • Lavender - features lavender essential oil with properties that promote relaxation. Bar also contains activated charcoal that helps reduce common skin issues and cleanses skin of harsh toxins.

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