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Motherland Essentials is very proud to say we have partnerships with great companies. There may be affiliate links provided in resources and products recommended. If you purchase those items through my links, I may earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. I only recommend products that I use and find helpful.

If you’re looking for a trusted supplier for soap and craft colorants, I highly recommend Mad Micas. They have a quick turnaround time, their products are ethically sourced and they have great customer service.

Fresh Future Farm, 501 C3

Fresh Future Farm is a local Charleston non-profit located in the Cherokee/Chicora neighborhood of North Charleston. Fresh Future Farm leverages unused city assets to create food and job opportunities that will transform the current food desert into a more self-reliant and robust community. To volunteer or donate visit

They currently have an opportunity to continue their community work for years to come by purchasing the land where the farm and grocery store are located. To learn more about their kickstarter campaign, please click the button below.

Business Bakerie

Creating a successful beauty brand and small business isn’t just about creating great products. You have to make sure you have your business foundation set and systems in place to ensure that success before a single product is sold. The Business Bakerie gives insight and access to courses, contract templates, and legal resources - protecting your smarts with trademark attorney Ticora Davis.

If you’re looking to start your beauty business or already have one but looking for additional resources, click the button below to download a free guide featuring 100 Business Tools Every Beautypreneur Needs.


If you’re shipping products and don’t feel like making constant trips to the post office, this is definitely a must-have program to use. The best thing about ShipStation besides the gas money I’m saving is the discounted shipping rates they provide. If you’re interested in trying it out, hit the button below for a free 30-days.