Business Consultation

Business Consultation

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Are you interested in starting you own beauty or craft business, but have no idea where to begin? Already got the ball rolling on a great idea, but find yourself stuck? I'm here to help you out!

I started my natural skincare business with a very limited budget and no idea what I was doing. I found myself wasting a lot of time and money on resources that were not beneficial to my business. Fortunately, through years of education and research, I have managed to build a professionally branded business with a system in place that helps to maintain my success.

Book your consultation with me, so that:

  • You can gain a better understanding of your business.
  • Receive verified and trusted recommendations to help maintain your business.
  • Gain insight on how to build an organic customer base.
  • Tips on building an eCommerce website.

Here's what you get when you book me:

  • A video chat (or phone call) with me during a scheduled time to discuss your business or ideas. During this time I will answer all of your questions with honesty and integrity. Everything we discuss will be kept confidential.
  • Detailed notes of our conversation. I encourage you to take notes as well, but I will make sure to provide you with the details of what we discuss just in case.
  • A list of trusted suppliers and recommended business resources.

Within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a questionnaire that you will fill out to better prepare me for our consultation. After you have submitted the form, we will schedule a time and date that works best for our session. After our session, you will receive a follow up survey that you may fill out. This helps to better consultations in the future.

All business consultations are to be paid in full and are NON-REFUNDABLE.