Custom and personalized orders

Custom and personalized orders are my jam! We require full payment upfront and at least 4 weeks to complete your custom order. If you're interested in custom work, contact us.

Care instructions

To extend the life of your soap bar, allow it to dry thoroughly when not in use. A soap dish with a good drain will do the job. Other body products should be used before 6 months or discarded.

I’ve ordered your soap before. Why does it look different?

My products are handmade in small batches, so there are bound to be minor variations in design. While they may look different, they are still the same quality bars you’ve always received.

Do you gift wrap?

Many of our bundles and sets are already gift ready. You may request that we right a gift note if you'd like. Just let us know exactly what you'd like for us to include and we're on it.

Do you wholesale?


Yes, we do! If you're interested in learning more about our wholesale program, please visit this link here.


Is there lye in your soap?

As a responsible soaper, I make sure all of my soaps go through the curing process, which means for at least 4 weeks they given the time to allow for the lye and water to evaporate from the soap - making them safe for use. It is important to note that lye is essential in soapmaking as the saponification process converts all fats, oils, and lye into soap and glycerin.

Short answer - no. There is no lye in your soap. :-)

Do you use animal products?

For the most part, our soaps are free from any animal product or by-products, however some of our soaps and products do include raw honey, which is an animal by-product. Please make sure to read the description of each product to make sure it is in alignment with your skincare regiment. If you're ever unsure, reach out to us.  

Oh no, my soap arrived damaged. What do I do?

Firstly, please know that sometimes irregularities happen in handmade products. If your soap arrives damaged, please take a picture and email it to me ( and I will work with you to resolve the issue.

Does your soap cure xyz?

I honestly can’t answer that question. The FDA frowns upon making medical claims. I do list all ingredients and have done tons of research. I encourage you to do your research as well if you have specific concerns.

What is this white residue on my soap?

Occasionally, handmade soap will develop what is called soda ash - a white residue usually limited to the surface area of the soap. It is harmless and once you use your soap for the first time it will disappear. In other words, this is how you know it’s REAL soap :-)

What happened to my soap scent?

There are several factors that may have something to do with that, including the age of the soap, source of the scent (fragrance or essential oil) and storage.

As a soap cures (dries), the scent on top tends to fade, the soap develops something like a shell or barrier. When you wash away that outermost layer, you will find your scent intact.

Essential oils are volatile oils and quickly disperse in the air. They don’t fix into cold-process soap easily. However, creating a balance blend can help anchor the scent better. Fragrance oils are selected for their stable performance in soap.

Proper storage will help protect your scent. Keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures and enjoy that scent a little bit longer.

How long does a bar of your soap last?

Forever (if you never use it)! But seriously, it depends on how frequently you’re using the bar itself. Expect one of our bars to last just as long as any other bar of soap, but without all the unhealthy ingredients included.

Do you personally deliver your products?

No, we do not offer product delivery or pick up options at this time.