April Soap Challenge - Mirror Glaze Soap

I can’t stay away! I think I’m officially addicted to these soap challenges. For the April soap challenge, we’re making mirror glaze soaps. The challenge: make them without eating them. Haha, just kidding. Seriously though, if you Google “mirror glaze” you’ll see what I mean. Many people tell me my soaps look like food and now it’s really going to be a problem.

This technique is really awesome in that you have to mimic the slick, mirror-like glaze of these cakes, but the problem is these cakes you see in these videos and Google searches are using sugar, not soap. Soap will lose it’s shine, so the trick is designing a recipe that will give you the consistency you need to do your pour (you don’t want thick trace when you pour) and that will keep some sort of shine long enough for you to get your photo. You also want a recipe that won’t produce soda ash. Although soda ash is harmless, it’s ash, which is the total opposite of mirror glaze. You can’t be shiny if you’re ashy. Here is the recipe I used for my glaze:

Castor 5%

Coconut Oil 20%

Olive Oil 75%

5% Superfat

Water : Lye Ratio - 1.5:1

This recipe took FOREVER to trace because it contains a large percentage of soft oil. Because it’s high in unsaturated fat, the soap didn’t come to trace super fast and I had plenty of time to work with pouring and adding my colors. The key to keeping the ash off your soap is using a water discount. I’ve started using the 1.5:1 ratio recently and have noticed a drastic difference in my soap. I love it! Less ash and less water in each bar, which means a shorter cure time. I still do at least 3-4 weeks to be safe.

This design actually started off as something else entirely. I originally thought of making a donut soap cake. I purchase donut molds a while back and thought it would be cool to make a two layer cake and add a donut on top. That was the plan. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely go with what I have planned. I end up letting the soap tell me what to do and let the vibes guide me. As the colors collaborated, I started to see the beach come in to fruition. I saw the pinks and yellows remind me of the sunset, the skies blending into blues and greens and the ocean with that beautiful blue and swirls of white waves. I accidentally plopped some yellow in one part, which actually looked like a sun. I’m convinced Bob Ross is my spirit guide - no mistakes, just happy accidents.

This challenge was an introduction to a refreshingly creative technique that allowed me to be the cake decorator I knew I could be deep down inside. I already have so many amazing ideas for implementing this technique.

What do you think of my soap cake? Is it giving you “Beach Please” vibes or should I have stuck with the donuts?

“Beach Please” Soap Cake

“Beach Please” Soap Cake

Andrea Davis