Treat Yourself, Quarterly

The word “self-care” has been thrown around so much lately that people aren’t really understanding what it even means anymore. Is self-care bath bombs and bubble baths? Is it expensive spa days? Self-care can look like these things, but they are not the very definition of what it is.

Self-care is a practice. Just like being a doctor or lawyer is a practice, self-care is one of those things that is ever-changing and evolving as you do. Some days you may require something as simple as a bubble bath to help you relax. Other days, you may need to book a session with a therapist to process feelings you’ve never truly dealt with. It is in itself a radical and revolutionary practice because it calls for you to put you first. How many of us can honestly say that we are always thinking in this way?

As a mother, it is too easy for me to put the needs of others before my own. My kids need me, my husband needs me, my customers need me. . . I’m needed, period. In my mind, once I take care of everyone else, I’m good to go when it comes to be. Here’s the sick trick thought - it never ends up being my turn, until now.

I’ve created an intentional way for people to acknowledge themselves in some way. I created the Essentials Self-Care Subscription to give people the opportunity to have something special created just for them, delivered right to their door every 3 months. March (spring), June (summer), September (fall), and December (winter) brings new, exclusive products that contain a theme to motivate you to intentional do a little something nice for yourself.

Our Essential Self-care Box filled with goodies.

Our Essential Self-care Box filled with goodies.

Another reason I created this box was to promote collaboration with other brands and expose my customers to other small businesses they may not have otherwise gotten the chance to know even existed. For example, in our March box this year, the theme is Create. Hustle. Repeat., inspired by the candle from Posh Candle Co. Each item in the box is filled with lively citrus notes that get you energized and ready for a new season of productivity and a fresh start.

So proud of the box I designed on Packlane. Click  for  $25 off your own custom boxes.

So proud of the box I designed on Packlane. Click for $25 off your own custom boxes.

I took so much love and care into creating this box and it’s contents. I designed the box on Packlane (I’m gifting you $25 off your own boxes with this link), and it was really easy to do, which was important for me because I am no graphic artist. I handcrafted all the items in the boxes and intentionally partner with other businesses that align with my values of being responsible, natural and authentic. This is total was so much work, so why did I do it?

I know that it’s hard putting yourself first. In a world where you may feel like everyone needs you, remember that you need you too. It’s not a horrible thing to put yourself first, even if it’s once every 3 months. Set an intentional goal to do something nice for you every now and then.

What are some things you do to intentionally practice self-care?

If you’re ready to include our subscription boxes into your self-care schedule, hit the link for more details about that’s in each of them:

Our Deluxe box for March theme: Create. Hustle. Repeat.

Our Deluxe box for March theme: Create. Hustle. Repeat.