Bath Essentials Bundle

$77.00 USD

This bundle is for the bath lover who enjoys taking their time to indulge soaking away the stress of the day.


(1) 4 oz Salt Soak - Revive is our invigorating blend of spa soaks and essential oils that deliver a muscle relieving euphoria for your entire body. You can also enjoy as a foot soak.

(2) 4 oz Multiuse Oil - Did you know you can add a few drops of your favorite oil in a bath for a little aromatherapy? It also adds some moisture to your skin as you soak.

(3) Intention Tea - This loose leaf blend of botanicals unleashes calming, relaxing properties to your soak.

(4) Ramie Bath Pouf - Unleash the bubbles with the full body bath pouf. Plant based and reusable. Just throw it in the gentle cycle and air dry.

(5) Bath Bomb - Your soak should be an entire mood, and a bath bomb will unleash the colors and light moisturization of sunflower oil.

(6) 8 oz Liquid Soap - Clean bubbles and rich lather in every glass bottle.

Items in this bundle cannot be substituted for an item not included. For ingredients list for each product, please see all products and find the one you're looking for.

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